Resources for Golf Achiever's

Tools and resources to help you achive your goals!.

Download the form here.

Other Resources

Resources for Golf Achiever's

Tools and resources to help you achive your goals!.

Getting Started:

9 Essential Golf Skills Assessment 

Start here! Take an inventory of your current skills and prioritize your learning both on and off the course.

Player Profile and Short Game Form 

Please fill this out before your first lesson to help us get to know you and prioritize your goals.

Golf Achievement Benchmarking  

Determine your current scoring abilities in nine different areas and set to work to achieve your scoring goals.

Progressive Golf Systems 

Innovative scoring system to progress new golfers in playing the game and maintaining pace of play.

Junior Tournament Planning Guide

Where to find events? What level should your child be competing? Where to find events? How often should they play and m

    Slides to presentation- 


FCA Parent-Junior Slides

Shaping Your Mental Game- 

Framework to design what you need to think about before, during and after a golf shot.


GAC Downloadable Forms -


How To Use The Tools


Brad Pluth Golf Performance Scorecards

- Keep track of the four key metrics in lowering your score.

Purposeful Practice Cards 

Organize your practice and create a perpetual improvement cycle with the scorecard and purposeful practice cards.


Short Game Challenge  

Adapted from Dave Pelz's Short Game Bible, The Short Game Challenge will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses for the eight most common shots inside 100-yards

Clubfitting distance chart 

Use Flightscope to gap your distances and dispersion chart.


College Golf Recruiting Guide - Free download on steps to take to achieve your dream of playing collegiate golf.

Natural Golf Swing Assessment for Sample Student

Understanding Your Golf Swing-Master V13.2 (1).pdf


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Golf Digest Top Young Instructor

US Kids Master-